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The Baba line of boats was conceived in the mid-1970's by Bob Berg who, with two business associates, formed Flying Dutchman International Ltd. to import the boats from Taiwan.

The name "Baba" originated from the local Chinese slang version on Bob Berg's name.

Bob Perry was commissioned to design the boats, which sold between 1978 and 1986.  The Baba line of boats consisted of three sizes, the 30, 35, and 40.  The design of the Baba was reworked twice, first as the Panda 34, 38, and 40 then later as the Tashiba 31, 36, and 40.

The Baba line of boats was built at Tashing Yacht Building Company.

Learning about Baba, Panda & Tashiba sailboats

  • Select a button above to learn more about a particular Baba model.

  • The best way is to locate some Baba owners in your area by visiting the Registry by Ports Page, contact them, and arrange to get together as I'm sure they will be happy to do.

  • Visit the Links / Individual Web Pages section of this web site.   In particular, be sure to visit McIntires Live-aboard Sailing Page, Sailing The Dream, Voyage of the Baba BarAnn and Worldwide Voyage.

  • Locate a copy of the November 1, 1998 Practical Sailor.  It has a Used Boat Survey about the Baba 30.

  • Locate a copy of the March/April, 1999 Good Old Boat Magazine.  There are 10 pages of great information about the Baba 30 in this issue.

  • Contact the designer, Bob Perry at

  • Contact Rick Emerson to purchase a set of Baba Salt Newsletters that were published during the mid 1990's.

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