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camera.wmf (3612 bytes)  Here are a few pictures of a Baba 40 from a sales brochure.

Any Baba is a beautiful boat but the Baba 40 is exceptionally pleasing to the eye and satisfying to sail.  Bob Perry mated nearly perfect proportions of waterline, displacement, and sail area within a beautiful set of lines.  The result was a boat with a healthy groove for every point of sail. b40-sail.jpg (9993 bytes)
b40-anch.jpg (9811 bytes) Whether under sail or at anchor, the size and beauty of the Baba 40 is sure to attract attention. 
The main salon is spacious and beautiful. The rich teak finish throughout the cabin creates an inviting atmosphere for crew and guests. b40-sal.jpg (9964 bytes)
b40-gal.jpg (15974 bytes) The "U-shaped galley, with large counter area, deep double stainless steel sinks with abundant drawers and lockers create the ultimate area to prepare meals.   The large ice box can load from the top or front.
The navigation area is located on the port side facing aft. b40-nav.jpg (11190 bytes)
b40-cab.jpg (11106 bytes) Looking aft through the large main cabin gives an idea of the size and beauty of the Baba 40's interior.
The head of the Baba 40 with separate shower is entered from the passageway between the main cabin and the V-berth. b40-head.jpg (13719 bytes)
b40-vb.jpg (9258 bytes) The V-berth of the Baba 40 is a large double stateroom with its own stowage and hanging lockers and there is another large stateroom aft.
camera.wmf (3612 bytes)  These are some pictures of the Baba 40 Pilot House, MARYANN III

b40P-full.jpg (114617 bytes)
Grace and comfort

b40P-stern.jpg (50754 bytes)

b40P-bow.jpg (52868 bytes)

b40P-deck.jpg (55156 bytes)
Deck View

b40P-salon.jpg (14782 bytes)
Main Salon

b40P-gal.jpg (63327 bytes)
Galley to Port

b40P-cabin.jpg (11088 bytes)
Forward Guest Cabin

b40P-head.jpg (10213 bytes)
Head & Shower Stall

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