Deck Plug Repair

By:  Brad Gislason

The following procedure works if you have 3/8" or more of deck thickness.

Required materials:
green_ball.gif (963 bytes)   More 1/2" teak plugs (or whatever existing size plugs you have).
green_ball.gif (963 bytes)   Exterior glue, I use varnish.
green_ball.gif (963 bytes)   One 1/2" forstner drill bit.
green_ball.gif (963 bytes)   A sharp chisel
green_ball.gif (963 bytes)   A small sanding block W/ 100 paper

1. Remove old screw
2. Remove 1/4" from old screw (or get shorter screw)
3. Chase old hole with forstner and add enough depth to recess the screw  head - 1/8" min. (3/16" is better)
4. Put a little varnish (or glue) in hole
5. Install screw
6. Using a Q-Tip work a little varnish around the hole
7. Install new plug (Keep grain aligned)
8. After one day cut off excess plug material with chisel (work with the grain and little cuts) to within 1/32" of deck
9. Sand the balance to the deck level

Enjoy your new "tight" deck.

I will answer any questions that you might have about this project. My e-mail address is

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